Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cursed again - The 'Rule of Threes'

Back in town four weeks, so I was due to get ill, I suppose. Sure enough, I was woken in the early hours of Wednesday morning with the beginnings of an itchy sore throat and a raging fever.

After spending most of the day whimpering under the duvet (and catching up on at least some of the sleep I didn't get overnight), I was willing to risk crossing town to have dinner with a friend, but... just as I was leaving the apartment, my prepaid electricity meter (unexpectedly!) ran out.

Queueing at the bank to purchase some more electricity credit made me dangerously late for my dinner rendezvous. And then, just as I neared the restaurant (for which, of course, I had no address, and no good directions), my phone (unexpectedly!!) ran out of credit.

Why do bad things always happen in threes?? It is a strange Principle of Fate.

Unbelievable and terrifying as this may seem (well, it terrifies me), this was the 2,500th post here on The Barstool. Too much! Enough already!! Somebody STOP me!!!

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