Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drat! Blogger pisses me off again

For the past six months I've had links near the top of the sidebars on both my blogs for a rather useful 'list view' - summarising the last 30 posts on each.

This feature was obtained by simply adding /?m=1 to the end of the blog URL. I'm not aware that Blogger ever advertised this anywhere; so, perhaps it was only ever a fortuitous glitch. And it now appears to have been "repaired": those links now direct only to the regular blog homepage. Damn.

I am particularly saddened by Blogger's withdrawal of this facility not because it was being widely used and appreciated (I suspect it wasn't), but simply because the tip on how to set it up had been sent to me as a parting gift by Tony B, a very entertaining blogger who had also become an e-penpal of mine over the last few years. He was fairly elderly and in ailing health, and he passed away only two months later. I had liked having this permanent reminder of him in my sidebars. Dang you, Blogger!


KingTubby said...

FROOP. Move to Wordpress. It is the gold standard and commenting on Blogger is a dead pain in the bum. I began with Blogger but changed over, and certainly don't have any regrets. Now I have to do all the I am not a bot thingy.

Froog said...

I don't think I can be bothered at this stage, KT. I decided some time ago to mothball these blogs at the end of the year, so it seems like too much trouble to go to just for a few more months of scribbling.

The inertia, of course, is enormous: after you've been using the same platform for 6 years, it is rather daunting to thing of adapting to something new. Also, there's a certain paranoia about things going wrong with the migration - a prime opportunity for erasing several million words of creative output! And can you set up an automatic re-direct to the new address? There must be thousands of links out there now on aggregators and so on - it would be a pain to lose all of those.

Maybe for my next blog I'll try Wordpress...

KingTubby said...

I faced that migration problem and yes, it was simply too daunting so did not attempt. Ended up noting my previous site - Garage Land - in my new blog roll. Simply provide a link to something on the old site, if a reference is required.

Anyway, only about six posts - mostly on Japanese cinema and horse racing in Wuhan -stood the test of time. The rest were a very juvenile learning experience, not that I,ve really advanced to blogging adulthood, given my weakness for Japanese surfer girls. Given that there are far more serious sites out there, I'm quite happy about surfing pieces which satisfy my Baywatch mentality.

Reinvent your self FROOG and open a new site not centred around demon drink. Cheers and down the hatch.

Now the I am not a bot thingy, and thank god, I'm a model of sobriety at present.