Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our 'theme song'

Just lately, we've been enjoying a blast of '80s nostalgia down at my local: a number of almost-forgotten tracks from my student days have been starting to come up rather regularly on the music playlist. Who knows how these things happen? Foremost amongst these guilty pleasures has been Twisted Sister's We're Not Going To Take It - an anthem of teenage rebellion which, it seems, I never grow out of.

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Froog said...

I thought the manic dad in this video looked familiar, but I couldn't place him at first. It's Mark Metcalf, who played the overbearing ROTC officer Doug Niedermeyer in Animal House.

The "Is that A PIN on your uniform?!" line is, of course, a direct reference to the film.

In fact, I think this father is supposed to be the Niedermeyer character 20-odd years on (although the film ended by stating that Niedermeyer had soon been killed in Vietnam "by his own troops").