Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking it easy

A few years ago Kronenbourg did a series of TV commercials featuring slowed down versions of classic '80s hits. I'd meant to post this when I first discovered it a year or two back, but it slipped my mind; I was just reminded of it again a couple of days ago. Here's Lemmy of Motorhead reinventing The Ace of Spades as a slow blues tune - and boy, does it sound good! [You can hear the full version here.]

The only other one of this series of ads I heard (maybe the only other one they did?) was Madness performing Baggy Trousers, but that didn't work as well as this. Madness are all about that cheeky-chappy adolescent exuberance; when that energy is stripped away, the song seems rather maudlin.


Mike Cormack said...

That is bloody damn quality. Maybe Lemmy should go Leonard Cohen in his old age!

Froog said...

Well, his voice was always in that zone; but I don't think he can do the pretension.

Would be interesting to see a full 'Motorhead Unplugged' set, wouldn't it?