Thursday, October 04, 2012


I discovered AC/DC comparatively late in life. I got almost all of my early exposure to rock music through my elder brother; and although he later professed to be a huge fan of the band (we went to see them together once, at the NEC in Birmingham), he never had any of their records when were growing up. I didn't receive my introduction until the beginning of my second year at university, when I found my "studies" disturbed by one of the new kids down at the end of my landing blasting out some music indecently loud. I wandered down the hall to register mild complaint, but as I approached his door, I found that I was rather enjoying what he was playing. That Fresher and I became fast friends immediately. And my relationship with the exuberant Aussie rockers similarly got off to a flying start. (Embarrassing confession: that NEC concert I went to with my brother a few years later - I was en route between interviews for a couple of teaching jobs, so I went to the show wearing a pinstriped suit. I thought I might get torn limb from limb, but AC/DC fans are a surprisingly tolerant and inclusive bunch.)

I thought I'd already posted their Downpayment Blues on here as one of my 'Great Drinking Songs' - my theme song! But, in fact, I find so far I've only put Highway To Hell up on here. So, for this entry in my 'Blues Week', I've got to kick off with this - "I know I ain't doin' much, but doin' nothing means a lot to me."

I also can't resist including Ride On, a marvellous slow blues tune by Bon Scott (I've already posted that over on Froogville, but what the hey?!). I couldn't find a concert video of this, but here's a nice montage of clips of Bon and the lads in the early days.

Then I remembered What's Next To The Moon?, another of their bluesier numbers, and always a great favourite of mine. I just discovered an excellent set of live concert videos from the early Noughties, filmed at the Circus Krone in Munich, which includes a particularly good performance of this. (Album version can be heard here.)

And to sign off today, here's one of Angus' trademark live solos, from that same concert in Munich.


Mike Cormack said...

No "Whole Lotta Rosie" from If You Want Blood, You've Got It? One of the best live songs ever! The "Angus..! Angus...! Angus..!" chant, that killer riff, the undisguised relish of Bon Scott, the energy, the heart. Fuck I love that song!!

Froog said...

Always kind of preferred the studio version of that one. I'm saving Rosie for another occasion...

However, I already mentioned (in one of my early posts over on my other blog) as one of my favourite headbangs.