Friday, October 26, 2012

HBH 308

Drink makes you feel young;
Alas, it makes you look old.
Oh, cruel paradox!

No, I still haven't recovered from the goddamned birthday last weekend. I haven't in fact reached any 'significant' round-number landmark (a few people speculated that I was turning 50, or even 55 - cheeky buggers!). It's just that I am, for the first time in my life, really starting to feel my age - and I DO NOT LIKE IT.

This, no doubt, is where the phenomenon of The Mid-Life Crisis comes from: a desperate urge to recover the illusion of youth, when youth itself is far beyond recovery.

I hope I don't fall into that pattern; it's always seemed rather sad and foolish to me.

Then again, there are those who say I've been having a mid-life crisis for my whole life....


KingTubby said...

Got over this one FROOG, and still have a perfectly fab head of hair. This landmark of life wasn't measured in birthday years, but the day I had to go out and buy a pair of reading glasses.

You are probably looking on all this facial lines of experience and blaming it on this squillions of pints and g and ts.

If there is such a thing as a life reset, take up smack next time around. It might make heavy inroads in one's finances, but it leaves one with a worry free face as young as a baby's bottom. That doesn't work.

Look FROOG. You will look young beyond your years and have immense success with women.

Froog said...

Always had a horror of needles, unfortunately - particularly of self-injecting. Have thought of opium-smoking, but I know what havoc it would wreak on my delicate throat.

I wish I'd been born in the age of laudanum.

You can apparently buy morphine capsules over the counter in Chinese drugstores (my friend Big Frank obtained some for a bad back many years ago; they might have tightened up on things a bit since then). That sometimes seems mighty tempting.