Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The King of Condiments

The food I made for my b'day party on Saturday may have been of variable quality, but I defy anyone to carp at the range of toppings I made available for their burger customizing.

We had lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, of course, and dill pickle and jalapeno rings. And mayonnaise, ketchup, HP Sauce, A1 Steak Sauce, barbecue sauce, Korean sweet chilli paste, brown mustard and dijon mustard, and salt and pepper. We also had a sweet pickle relish (another Heinz product, but jazzed up with some additional onion and garlic), a spicy tomato relish of my own devising, a yellow radish paste (made with the ginger & turmeric daikon radish pickle from the cooking class I went to a couple of weeks back), and some 'proper ketchup' - a puree of sundried tomatoes and garlic (a sop to my foodie friend The Bengali, who declares regular ketchup to be "the devil's work").

Of course, I still have most of this stuff left. I may have to eat nothing but burgers and hotdogs for the next three months to use it all up.


KingTubby said...

Solving your fridge problem, FROOG.

Steam some sweet potato or a very sweet pumpkin

Mush it up till the consistency of baby poo.

Add diced onion, corn kernels,cracked pepper, vegetable salt, a good dash of sesame oil, egg, corn flour, dried chili, sweet cajum powder.

Give a good mix up, sit in fridge overnight.

Fry as patties. Reach for some really hot chili sauce.

Good veg grub.

I, myself go for green tomato chutney, incredibly hot chili chutney which I buy at a local market, and a friend recently gave me some ridgey didge Burmese chutney which is massively hot and has a broad range of flavours.

Finally, don't overlook the possibilities offered by green and red lentils.

Should we put together an online cook book?

Check my latest post where I provide a good description of a roast dinner..... something you can only wet dream about.

Finally, and despite my love of Asian food, I think Chinese grub is pretty shit house with the exception of Sichuan.

Froog said...

In one of my notorious posts over at the other place I offered the opinion that Chinese food is SHITE. In fact, I'm not even convinced about Szechuan cookery.

Interesting veg pattie idea, KT - although I could have done without the reference to 'baby poo'! That always kills the appetite for several hours at least.

There's a foreign diner here in BJ opened just this year that has a fantastic relish for its burgers and dogs made from Hainan Yellow Chillis - sweet and hot. I tried to get my pal The Weeble (who hangs out there all the time drinking their coffee) to procure some for my party, but he was too shy to ask.

Froog said...

Final stats were around 20 burgers consumed, 4 Aussie sausages (not sure who brought those), 120-odd chicken wings in four different flavours (hot chilli, salt&pepper, Korean Tong Dak, and Coke'n'bourbon), a few bits and pieces of salad, half a chocolate birthday cake, around 40 assorted bottles and cans of beer, 3 bottles of wine, half a bottle of bourbon (to be honest, that was mostly for the chef, during the morning's cooking!), about 4 litres of homemade lemon/limeade, and a few other snacks and soft drinks.

Rather modest consumption, really, for 25 people over the space of 4 hours or so.

I've been eating leftovers all week.

Froog said...

As I have complained before, Chinese women don't eat.

And almost no-one was drinking very much either: The Weeble and Evil Dave now abstemious, The Chairman and The Choirboy whingeing about hangovers from the night before, The Bengali "pacing himself for later"...