Friday, November 02, 2012

New Picks of the Month

Three years ago this month, I was busy moving apartments, but... that didn't stop me blogging!

On Froogville, I select Plumbing the depths as my pick of the crop - a particularly egregious example of the pitiful levels of Chinese scholarship I have to deal with in my academic editing work. 
[Although, this one on how the Chinese introduce statistics, this one on the difficulty of keeping a Chinese apartment clean, or this one on the inevitable uselessness of any utensil made out of Chinese plastic were also strong contenders.]

On The Barstool, my top pick is Shit happens - some entertaining wordplay between myself and my erudite friend The Weeble. 
[But, in an unusually rich month, I might equally have plumped for this list of my favourite Beijing dive bars (the inaugural entry in my Top Fives series), this description of how I like my Manhattans, or this contemptuous analysis of an over-fussy Thanksgiving menu.]

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