Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A DAY of Top Fives??

Well, that was my idea.

Reviewing topics I'd intended to cover in this intermittent series of mine, I realised there were quite a lot I would have liked to try and get out of the way before I retire from blogging next week. Too many, really. I think I had FIVE Top Fives in mind for this Tuesday. And a few more 'possibles' bubbling under.

But my Internet connection has been kaput for most of the week, so I'm horribly behind with everything - work and social plans as well as blogging.

I'm now thinking that I might 'cheat' a bit about this giving up blogging idea, and return to this Tuesday every once in a while to add another Top Five post... and another... and another.

We'll see. I might be so relieved to escape from the tyranny of daily production that I never want to write another blog post in my life!

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