Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The 'Live Blog' idea

I need to do something to boost the readership on here - especially after the recent lull in posting - so I have formed a crazy notion of trying to make Barstool Blues fully interactive (for one day only).

Yes, I have decided to try to cajole each of my party guests this Saturday to leave a comment via my own computer at some point during our projected 5 or 6 hours of debauch.

I will also be encouraging friends who are unable to attend - friends elsewhere around the world! - to join in the fun, to be with us in spirit (pour yourself a large rum & coke if you really want to get the feel of it!) by contributing comments from wherever they are.

Expect the party to run from about 8am-2pm GMT, this Saturday (March 3rd).... but I'll probably open up the 'comments' page at around 4am GMT to give my friends in America the chance to get the ball rolling before they go to bed on Friday night.

I extend the same invitation/challenge to any blog readers out there who don't actually know me.... (There are a few of you, I'm sure.)

Yes, it is a grand experiment - and, like most experiments, probably doomed to ignominious failure. Doubtless we shall be too preoccupied with the important business of getting drunk to pay the blog any attention at all. At some stage a glass of Planter's Punch will almost certainly get emptied into my keyboard, short-circuiting my computer.....

Well, we shall see, we shall see.

"You gotta try, dontcha?"

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