Sunday, October 14, 2007

Glorious indeed!

After the cumulative exhaustion of three gig nights (and two nights of far too little sleep) in succession, and the anticlimax of Friday's shitfest at D-22, I really shouldn't have been at it again last night.

But.... well, it was a leaving party for some good friends.

And it was perhaps a one-and-only, last-ever chance to see Glorious Pharmacy play together.

And they did not disappoint - an absolutely mesmerising performance. Mentally exhausting for us, though: long, complex, challenging, amazingly intense and largely improvised pieces, with hardly any breaks: there was more music in their 70-minute set than you'd get from most bands in 3 hours. These guys looked remarkably chirpy and relaxed at the end of it, as if they could quite happily have done another hour or two - but were simply in a hurry to pack up and get back home to their families. The audience, on the other hand, were completely drained. Remarkable stuff.

I do hope they play together again some time.

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Froog said...

As my companion last night pointed out, Glorious Pharmacy does sound initially like rather a naff name.... but once you've heard them, it starts to seem more and more apposite.... since they are employing a strange chemistry to concoct their wonderful musical elixirs.