Friday, November 09, 2007

HBH 52 (Jianghu, again)

Red eyes greet the day,
Stumbling brain still partly sleeps.
Another late night!


Tulsa said...

late, yes, but beautiful, too, no?

what's a Friday of Red Eyes compared to the joy of Gypsy Jazz Jianghu Thursdays?

By the way, you have competition for the Accordionista. Both my gentlemen friends who met her/heard her/saw her for the first time last night are all gaga and ready to join the gypsy Karavan. I told them they'd have to wait in line as it seems every gentleman in Beijing is lined up for that Karavan.

I've also decided when the time comes, I'm joining on, too. I'm no accordionist, but I'm sure I could make myself useful on a roam through the steppes... I could be the wagon wheel repair gal...

Froog said...

Z is lovely, but she's dating N.

(Starting to get a bit Kafkaesque here in the comments, but I feel I should provide third parties a token cloak of 'anonymity'.)

It's the other accordionista who makes me go weak at the knees - but probably only because she bears a disconcerting resemblance to The Poet.