Monday, January 28, 2008

A dating bon mot

"In life we all have girls we should have kissed a little more, and girls we never should have kissed at all."

Robert the Publisher

For those of you unfamiliar with the eccentric wit and wisdom of perhaps the world's greatest living sage, click on the link. Sheer bliss. "Robert" (probably not his real name) is a New York publisher, the boss of my blog-idol, Moonrat; and it seems that just about every time he opens his mouth, some nugget of skewed genius emerges (this one is in fact untypically coherent, unwarped). I have suggested the word 'ineptigrams' for them, but MR - a kindlier soul than me - refers to them as 'Gems'.


Jeremiah said...


Froog said...

Darn! I've just realised I had the wrong link up all this time.

It's fixed now. I do hope that anyone who happens upon this post in the future will go and check out the complete back catalogue of Robert's 'Gems'.