Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heavy Metal hero

Jaime Welton has too much hair and too much talent. I'm not much prone to envy, but.....

JW is a key component of the Beijing music scene: a perfectionist sound engineer who is usually involved in setting up for any visiting bands of note; one of the city's best blues/rock guitarists and the backbone of Beijing's best-loved party band, Black Cat Bone; and also for a while the lead vocalist with the most excellent AC/DC tribute outfit Dirty Deeds (now sadly in indefinite hiatus).

As if all that weren't enough, he's just put together another band - a trio comprising himself, his BCB bassist, and an impressively dirty-looking rock chick on drums (I have a certain weakness for dominatrix outfits - who doesn't?) - called Bad Mamasan. They are dedicated to all things Metal, and in particular to the great British 'monsters of rock' from the early '70s (although they did throw in a couple of AC/DC numbers as well). We discover that not only can JW play guitar like Richie Blackmore or Billy Gibbons or just about anyone else you care to name, he can also do very passable vocal impersonations of Bon Scott, Robert Plant, and Lemmy from Motorhead. Too much talent!

Their debut show at 2 Kolegas last night was a rocking good time (Love the Flying V, Jaime. Are we going to see you in Spandex next time??). Their set is a bit on the short side at the moment, but I'm sure it will soon grow. If they will accede to my demand to add Black Dog and Doctor, Doctor! to their playlist, I am set to become their biggest fan.

Oh damn - I really didn't need another must-see gig on my schedule every month or two!

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