Monday, February 18, 2008

Going away

I'm off on a trip this week, to visit the frozen wilds of the far north.

So, there won't be any more posting here or on Froogville for the next 3 or 4 days.

However, I did just compile this useful list of all the YouTube clips I've posted on both blogs so far - that should keep you amply entertained for the week. I particularly recommend 'Spazz', a young American film student who does great videos of himself miming to favourite songs: this guy should be the next big star of the Internet - you can make it happen!

I also commend you to the 'possible band names' post. We've not had many contributions so far this month (Bookseller, where are you?); I hope to find dozens of side-splitting suggestions waiting for me on my return.

A reminder as well about the 'spot the film references' challenge. I'm sure someone out there has all the answers.

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Tulsa said...

Thanks for the diversion, Froog.... I'll be off tmw for my own Weekend Escape to DC... not quite the Ice Palace that you're ooo-ing and aw-ing over... but the flight is probably shorter from Beijing to DC than your train ride! Plus, I get to pay a long over due visit to Cake Love... if you've not yet been there and had their cakes... you don't know what Cake IS!

Well, that and I like the divey U Street neighborhood :) Let's hope it hasn't gentrified too much.

No doubt I'll be checking in during my jet lag wide awake nights, so looking forward to your Ice stories. Enjoy your visit and see you when I get back to our dirty fishbowl that we fondly call Beijing.