Friday, February 29, 2008

In search of 'value' (II)

A bar on the far side of town has chosen to mark this superfluous day of the year with an all-you-can-drink event.

That seems a little too good to pass up.

I am reasonably confident that I can observe some prudent self-restraint in approaching this. And my alcohol tolerance is so high that all-I-would-drink very seldom exceeds all-I-can-drink.

However, I know that I have a self-destructive streak I sometimes need to be wary of. I also have a - closely related - streak of perverse competitiveness: not an urge to outstrip others, but a compulsion simply to measure myself, a kind of scientific curiosity to discover and extend the outer limits of my physical endurance.

And I also have this mildly obsessive impulse of thrift - so often in my life I have been in situations where it has been essential to extract the maximum value from little or no money; now, those hard lessons of survival have become habits of which I am sometimes scarcely conscious. It will be difficult, I know, not to regard tonight as a challenge - to see how just much value I can wring from the 80 kuai 'open bar' offer.

Wish me luck. You may not be hearing from your correspondent again for a while.....

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