Friday, February 29, 2008

Last call for this month's 'band names' suggestions

The 'suggest an amusing name for a rock band' thread is still ticking over (although it has inevitably slowed down a lot after the initial vigour of its opening month). Since I didn't actually launch it until January 12th (and February - even with the extra day this year - is still a pitifully short month), I'll leave things open for the February monthly prize until next Friday - 7th March.

We have some very strong suggestions once again from last month's runner-up, Gary, and also from my old friends, Snopes and The Swordsman.

Not many offers yet, though, in the 'Cover Band Name' and 'Foreign Language Band Name' sub-categories.

I'm really going to find it hard to pick a winner this month: Imaginary Fiends, Y-Front Rebellion, Romana's Schoolgirl Uniform, Dazed From The Red, Penny Arcane, Retired Superheroes, Fear Of All Sums, The Screaming Victorias, Bed of Noses......

But please, do try to make my choice even harder. There is still time.


Anonymous said...
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fg said...

I like Snopes's suggestions and I agree about cleansing.