Friday, February 01, 2008

A last chance for Yugong

I loved the old Yugong Yishan music club. However, I am sorry to say that its new incarnation in the much larger premises of the old Duan Qi Rui government building has signally failed to win my over my affections so far.

I think just about every gig I've gone to in the 4 months or so it has been open has been in the range from 'somewhat disappointing' to 'utter shite' - and it's mostly down to the venue rather than the bands.

However, tonight there is what threatens to be an absolutely awesome gig there..... so I am giving the place one final chance. A really good experience there could buoy my spirits enough to make me persist with it for another 6 months. But if this show again disappoints...... well, I fear I am likely to give up on the place for good.

A big night ahead.....

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