Sunday, February 03, 2008


There is a rumour of a rather unusual gig happening today.

Nothing more must be said. It is a small venue and a strictly word-of-mouth kind of thing.

There is every possibility that the artist will not show up. There is every possibility that it won't be able to go ahead because of an excessive turnout. There is every possibility that the gig will happen, but be marred by being unpleasantly overcrowded (or disappointingly deserted). There is even a chance, I suppose, that the music will turn out to be not as good as we had hoped.

However, I remain optimistic that we could be in for something rather special.....

I shall report in a day or two.


Jeremiah said...

And it was every bit as good as promised. Froog, my mand, you delivered indeed. Thanks!

Froog said...

Yeah, I can't quite believe that happened.

That's definitely one of those afternoons that is always going to be one of the most well-thumbed pages in the scrapbook of memory.

Tulsa said...

Defn goes down in my list of "all the things I never thought I'd learn in China".

Just listening to the CD, now.

and will post on that sharp-featured guitarist in a bit ;)