Friday, February 08, 2008

We have a Winner!

My 'create a name for a rock band' game has attracted over 60 comments in its first month (although, admittedly, half of those have been mine!), and it is time to announce some winners.

Dave S takes the honours (narrowly, in the face of some very stiff competition) with the inspired - Panda Pornographers

I would also like to make a special award to Gary (although I have no idea who he is) for an entry that was exceptional in both quality and quantity: he submitted around 30 suggestions, all of them really, really good - a fine mixture of political satire (Public Transportation Will Get You Nowhere, My Igloo Is Melting), cunning punnery (The Norsemen Of The Apocalypse, Passion Victim, The Electric Heels), historical references (The Real Lindbergh Kidnappers, Arsenic In The Wallpaper), and pure-and-simple band-naming genius (Moonshine Hangover, The Net Porn Junkies, Zombie Cheerleaders, Minefield Hopscotch). His most brilliant offering (which would have won outright in any other month, and probably deserves a special prize all of its own) was Rasputin's Mole. This is not (I believe) a reference to a cute furry animal, but rather to the rumour that Rasputin's great success with the ladies of the Russian Imperial court was largely due to what one biography of him called "a large and strategically placed mole on his penis" - a phrase which, I feel, coyly covers up a failure in research: where exactly was this bloody mole? Enquiring minds want to know!

Commendations also to Ed Peto for Git Summit (I think I've attended a few of those in my time); to my old Oxford buddy, the Mothman, for his recent suggestions Standard Deviant and Random Crisis Generator; to OMG for Robbing Peter; and to Dave S (again!) for The Duffman Chronicles (Cowboy, that's not you in disguise, is it??).

A special prize (and a new category) for 'Best Cover Band Name':

The Bookseller has this one all sewn up on his own, with entries of such twisted brilliance as Better Led Than Dead, Electric Cher, and The Deng Beatles (big in China!); but the winner, of course, is his fantastic invention of a transvestite C & W tribute band called The Dixie Dicks.

Another additional prize category, for 'Best French Band Name':

Les Singes Capitulards (Yes, that was one of my own - why shouldn't I win something?)

Please, keep your contributions coming. I shall pick more winners each month, and hold a 'champion of champions' readers' poll at the end of the year.

Please also note that there is now a supplementary competition, a challenge to identify all the film references in this list of mine. Give it a try.

Thanks for playing. I hope to hear more from you.


Mothman said...

I feel that honours should be split on 'Random Crisis Generator'. I used the phrase in another context - but it was you who spotted its potential (presumably as a Girl Band :-))

I thought that 'Concrete Armadillo' was an original but alas a quick Google showed is tricky treading insanity that you hope no man has trodden before innit?

moonrat said...

i rather like Norsemen of the Apocalype

but what happened to the Abortive Rooting Hogs?

Froog said...

I don't know what happened to them, MR? Was that an entry of yours? Never saw it!

Having 'Abortive' in your name probably isn't good for image and sales and whatnot.

Mothman said...

Even 'Abortive Rooting Hogs' gets two hits on Google, so it does.

The Bookseller said...

I hate to sound materialistic, Froog, but what exactly IS the prize? It's not one of those North Korean banknotes worth 0.05p, like the one you gave me as a wedding present, by any chance...?

Froog said...

I think the collector's value is considerably more than the nominal exchange rate, you ungrateful so-and-so.

Your prize is a night on the town for two - in Beijing. Get yourself and Mrs Bookseller over here, and I will do my best to atone for the North Korean banknote incident.

Froog said...

Yes, Mothman, we're getting lots of good Googling from this, aren't we?

Except that we're probably the only people ever searching for those terms?

I don't see fame and fortune beckoning just yet.

Mothman said...

You never know - the guy who invented MacDonalds was some impossibly advanced age before he got rich...

If you can make money from shit like that ANYTHING is possible.

omg said...

Why thank you. Having commendations bestowed on me, I feel better knowing it was not just a fun waste of time. I am a near winner!

Froog said...

Try again - you might do even better next time, OMG!