Sunday, February 10, 2008

Party conversation fragments

"You don't look a day over - how old are you?"

"X is about to arrive; everybody pretend to be pleased to see him!"

"Your tiles are popping."

"Why did you lose your job?" "They hated me." "No?! Everyone loves you!" "Not people I work with." (This was me, of course.)

"I had a terrible time. I only spoke to my girlfriend."

"How did you escape from the massage parlour?"

"Awful party! Well, no, don't get me wrong - it was a great party. It's just that I don't like parties. Or people. I'm not good with people."

"If you had to wear underwear made out of living animals, which animal would you choose?" (For one possible answer, click here.)

"He's a French albino. It's going to be depressing."

"Ah, expat bars! The familiar odour of despair!"

"You haven't had a girlfriend in how long? Are those 'dog years', man?"

Yes, it was a very strange night last night. Very strange, but very good. There were many more such strangely brilliant lines in the course of it, but I fear I may have forgotten them forever. I really should start carrying a notebook with me.

I staggered home just before dawn. I fear I shall be paying the price in sleep-deprivation crankiness and 'jet-lag' for the next week. Gettin' too old for this shit......

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