Saturday, March 22, 2008

Great txt msgs of the world

Tulsa, last night intermittently quizzing me by SMS as to the progress of The Plan, at one point provoked from me this rueful shard of philosophy:
"Came for the woman, stayed for the music. The story of my life - or one of them."

She fired back another query a little later: "Where are you then?"

I replied: "Half-way down the toilet, swimming against the tide."

No, not at all a successful evening. A thoroughly half-hearted and inept attempt to renounce my asexuality, in fact.


tulsa said...

oh, i thought we had several blog-worthy sms exchanges last night. Glad to see you posted some.

I still say - don't give up!

sattvicwarrior said...

you say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Half-way down the toilet, swimming against the tide."
THATS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO.

Froog said...

Why, thank you, Sattvic.

I just wish the line was born of imagination rather than bitter reality.

Tulsa said...

reality is what makes us brilliant.

thrive in your reality!