Saturday, March 22, 2008

'The Plan' miscarries

Well, to be honest, it never was much of a Plan. Deeply, deeply flawed. Oh, how could I have been so foolish as to overlook these flaws?

Actually, it had looked like being a complete wash-out at the start of the evening..... but suprisingly ended up in something less than 100% failure, just a tantalising glimmer of hope.

Or perhaps I should say that it ended up being a failure in a more subtle, unexpected, excruciating way.

I think perhaps I need a Plan B......

"It's not the despair that kills you; it's the hope."

1 comment:

Froog said...

Oh my god! At 1.28pm today, the world shifted subtly on its axis....

"Mostly dead is not ALL-dead."