Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doomsday Countdown (T minus 5hrs)

So, today is the day......

And I just found out that the work I was expecting to be doing tomorrow has been cancelled, so..... I have even less incentive to exercise any kind of sensible restraint tonight. I sense this could be a 'going home in a body-bag' kind of session.

I checked that Internet old faithful The Death Clock just now, to see if it was wised up to my likely fate. No; it's still predicting a healthy 30+ years of life for me. Mind you, their assessment doesn't take into account alcohol consumption. However, the probably more accurate and certainly rather more fun variant 'death clock' at Long Agony, which does enquire into your vices, gives me a very similar result. Perhaps I really am indestructible??

(By the way, this latter site also has a couple of other diverting questionnaires for you to try as well. Their 'destiny clock' informs me that I am fated to spend 1,159 years in one of the middling circles of Hell after I die, for my minor misdemeanours. It doesn't say what happens after that, though. Reincarnation, I fear....)

Oh well, I guess I'll go and put me The Doors on the hi-fi.... and crack open a beer to get myself started..... So long, folks. See you on The Other Side (maybe).

"Destiny! Destiny! No escaping death for me!"

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Mothman said...

I am grateful to you (I think) for having alerted me to The Death Clock.

I clearly need to get my affairs into order and all that jive. It appears I am to shuffle of this mortal coil on the 27th December 2008.

Oh, well - at least I get to 'enjoy' Christmas one last time...