Friday, April 11, 2008

HBH 75

Hitting the shot right:
Moment of perfect beauty.
Pool table heaven.

Damn, I was on my game last night!

After much vacillation and postponement, Luke has finally set a definite date for installing a new table in The Pool Bar (well, not a new table - he's decided to save some money by getting a secondhand one; but he assures me that it's in very good condition; and he knows his onions on this, because he's a very fine player himself): this Sunday.

Of course, that means we have to go there on Saturday to bid a fond farewell to the faithful old table..... and on Sunday to christen the new one. There goes the weekend. Again.

Update: It seems the moving guys weren't free on Sunday, so the table changeover has been rescheduled to Monday. The weekend just got longer.

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