Friday, May 16, 2008

How many 'plans' does a man need?

Another piece of SMS nonsense:

New partner-in-crime, Crazy Chris, quizzed me concisely last night:
"Plan 4 tmrw?"

Since I loathe the laziness of textspeak, I couldn't resist a reproving quip in return:
"Plan 4?? I didn't know we had that many!"

"Oh yeah, we only have the one, right. But I was trying to confuse the Japs." (I told you he was crazy.)

"Plan 9 (from Outer Space) it is, then." (So am I.)

Yep, the 'plan' for tonight will probably be much as it ever is (it's going to be hard to resist that brief window of affordable Stella presented by the Room 101 happy hour.....).

The other Plan, alas, is pretty much in ruins. I added a D and an E to my roster of potential romantic targets, made a fairly serious run at C (to no avail, obviously), suffered a string of taunting, 'fortuitous' encounters with B, and A...... oh, I can't even bear to think about A - that was just a horrible, horrible mess.

And I find I am falling back into pining for Madame X. (Beats head against wall in silent despair.)

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