Thursday, July 17, 2008

Strange Nights

It is hard, sometimes, to be a social nexus, a creator of parties, an introducer of strangers, the guy who tries to make things happen. Hard.

Sometimes, you try to set up a stimulating and fun group get-together for 10 or 15 people...... and by the middle of the evening you find yourself utterly ALONE..... bitching over the cost of a bottle of water with the owner of a xiaomaibu next to Yashow market.

Yet, even in the face of such dispiriting mass desertion, we find our moments of consolation: joking with the xiaomaibu guy that his high prices are the fault of the bloody Olympics, viewing the vast foundations of the new Sanlitun Soho development (from the deck at the back of one of the show apartments - I do recommend everyone to try this!), hanging out with the members of one of my favourite bands. Beijing (LIFE?) takes with one hand and gives back with another.

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