Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Party choices

Ah, yes - one of those things that the Chinese political system is lacking!
(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)
The Choirboy has - somewhat belatedly and unconvincingly, I have to say - been trying to revive his proposal of a couple of months back to have an early morning cocktail party down at his place.  I fear this is simply unfeasible, since he's on the south side of Chang'an Dajie where the parade will run.  Beijing is split into two by these dratted 60th birthday celebrations, and movement between the north and south is going to be all but impossible for the next 24 hours.
Some of my girlie chums - the remnants of 'The Coven' - have taken pity on me and invited me over for a brunch party.... which is temptingly in the 'hood (although it will mean making do with a tiny TV, and the distractions of rugrats).
Some my blogger pals are threatening to have a 'live blogging' party - which is just sad.  Sorry, boys, I love you dearly, but it is.  It's likely to be a more committedly alcoholic gathering, though, so I may go just for that.
Tun, I gather, is one of the few bars that have advertised a screening of the celebrations from 9am (complete with a breakfast buffet and drinks specials).  I have no great love for the place, but that does sound as if it might be quite a fun occasion.  However, given that the city's public transport system is going to be almost entirely shut down tomorrow (and Beijing's notoriously cranky cabbies are already showing a marked reluctance to take any fares anywhere), I fear Sanlitun is just too damned distant a destination for an early morning walk.
I hear a rumour that Ginkgo may be doing something similar in my 'hood, but.... they don't seem to have done much, if anything, to publicize it yet, so I doubt if there'll be many people there.
I'm quite tempted to just stay up all night (in a bar, of course; probably the Pool Bar), and then wander down towards the centre of the city to see if it's possible to get anywhere near the parade (though I'm guessing NO; and the crowds will probably be horrendous).
Likeliest outcome, I fear, is that I wind up watching the TV tout seul at home with a few cans of beer.
No, no, the likeliest outcome is that I catch up on all the sleep I've missed over the past week or two and snooze through the entire show...

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