Friday, September 25, 2009

Yet more music (shhh)

Mamur, the excellent Kazakh folk musician who used to have a band called IZ (I think they might in theory still be in existence, but it must be a couple of years now since I've seen their name in the gig listings), pops up once in a while at my favourite little courtyard retreat, Amilal.  And occasionally, he plays a bit - sometimes on his own, sometimes with one or two friends.  (Earlier this year he did a bit of a jam session with a few of the guys from the very popular Mongolian folk band Hanggai, which was marvellous - except that the place is so tiny that hardly any of the audience could actually see the musicians; most of us just stood in the courtyard outside, packed together like sardines, soaking up the ethereal, disembodied sounds.)
There is a rumour he might be playing there again very shortly.  I wouldn't like to say for sure exactly when.  The Weeble would never forgive me: he likes to think of the place as "his secret".  Yes, chiefest of Amilal's charms is that it is a 'hidden gem', and most of the time not too busy.  With a dozen people in there, it feels "too busy".  If word gets round of an appearance by Mamur, there could be several dozen people, and that won't be pleasant at all.  So, I'm saying nothing more.

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