Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Traffic Report - (very) belated blog stats for the summer

It is my custom to report from time to time - usually monthly - on the quantity of my output, and of my readership; but I have been neglecting this of late. So, here goes on the catch-up...

In June, I observed 8 or 9 days of silence in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown; I was away on holiday for the whole of July and most of August; and since my return to Beijing I have been finding the level of censorship interference with the Internet to be so extreme that I've often had no functional link to Blogspot at all, and have just been posting 'blind' (I've been creating posts exclusively from my e-mail account for the past 6 weeks or so - less than ideal).

Given these obstacles, the quantity of posting bore up pretty well - surprisingly, alarmingly so: it was well down on earlier this year, but it was still pretty substantial. I was, in fact, able to use a computer at most of the places I stayed on my travels, but I managed to ration my time on the Internet - breaking away from the dangerous daily blogging habit, and just having the occasional big splurge once or twice a week (but craftily using the 'timestamp' function to space things out!).

Anyway, on Froogville we had 32 posts and around 12,000 words in June; that fell to 22 posts and barely 5,000 words in July, 31 posts and just over 5,000 words in August.

On Barstool Blues there were 28 posts and nearly 11,000 words in June, but just 21 posts and less than 4,000 words in July, and 25 posts and 5,000 words in August.

Perhaps it might not be such a bad idea if I kept to something like that level of output all the time - a bit less of a strain on my devoted readers?

There doesn't seem to be much of interest to report in the 'international news' - except that The Barstool has apparently acquired a regular-ish reader in Varna, Bulgaria (Welcome!). In the last month or so, it seems, my readership has been exclusively in the United States and Britain. I rather assume this is because any readers I still have inside China are being identified through the proxy routings they are being forced to use. Curse you, interfering Kafka Boys!

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