Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy birthday, Jianghu!

By happy chance, I learned at the last minute that last night was the 3rd Anniversary bash for favourite little courtyard music bar, Jianghu. Gosh, is it really that long? Good times, indeed. Well, I think I didn't discover it in its first month or two; I remember going there for the first time shortly before Spring Festival in 2007.

A fine evening it was this Sunday too, with a big crowd, an interesting DJ set, and then a rollicking performance by eclectic laowai band Girls Are Waiting To Meet You (sort of folk-rock, with a pair of lady fiddle-players rather than a guitarist to carry the melodies, a cracking rhythm section, and a host of other instruments occasionally thrown into the mix: tenor sax, keyboards, flute, banjo…). They've undergone some personnel changes over the summer, losing their outstanding lead vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist who played about everything under the sun. However, the replacements seem to have promise, especially the sax player and the (Cuban?!) keyboard man.

The only negative point, really, was that there was a modest door charge (I think for the first time ever there!); although we did get a very good band and a nice commemorative coffee mug for this, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

I'm alarmed that I nearly missed this. How have I dropped off TX's mailing list?

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