Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A nasty moment

On Saturday, I hooked up with The Chairman (and his brother, Terrible Tes) for the first time in ages.
We dined at a favourite little Hunan place; but, arriving in the midst of the early-evening rush, we got stuck with the very last table, right inside the extremely draughty double swing-doors.  I self-sacrificingly took the seat right next to the door (it was a bitterly cold night, and my companions, slightly senior to me, are more sensitive to this).
So, when my chair suddenly broke - as Chinese-made chairs are wont to do - it pitched me, more sideways than backwards, through a plate-glass swing door (luckily, it swung fairly easily!) and down a steep flight of cement steps on to the street outside.
A nightclub bouncer could not have done a better job.
It was fortunate that I was in an ideal state of inebriation to minmise the chance of serious injury: still alert enough to roll, and protect my head with my hands; but relaxed enough to slither and bounce very yieldingly.
I was physically completely unscathed; though my dignity, of course, had taken yet another battering!
It was one of the most disturbing spills I've had in quite a while, though...  I hope that's seen off my ration of bad luck for the year.

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