Friday, November 13, 2009

The times, they are a-changin'

I learned by chance the other day (bumping into JB "The Film Guy", a circumstance that occurs surprisingly often on the streets around Dongsi and Dongzhimen) that the laoban at Reef Bar was having an extra-special little bash that night in honour of his own birthday.

I was quite excited about this. Similar 'impromptu' events there in the past have been some of the happiest - and most alcoholic - evenings of the past few years. I still have jolly, but indistinct, memories of the boss's wedding celebrations there a couple of years back.

Tuesday, alas, is never a good day for rallying the troops. In fact, these days, no day is a good day for rallying the troops. Very sad - because a night at Reef, you see, just doesn't really work without all the old gang there, the gentlemen of The Yacht Club. And the spirit of that fine institution has pretty much died. The original driving force behind the idea, 'The Commodore', abandoned us long since for Kiwi-land. Dapper Dan, the other leading light of the group, an ambassador of suavity and a premier mixologist, has also departed (again: he goes, he comes back, he goes again...). The others are all slowly but inexorably succumbing to 'respectability': a couple are now married with kids, the rest have all taken on serious girlfriends and serious jobs. Getting tanked on martinis in the middle of the week just isn't an option any more.

I'll sail this ship alone...

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