Friday, November 13, 2009

The detention of Dr Manhattan

I am having a 'night off' tonight - because my regular bad influence drinking buddy of the last several months, Dr Manhattan, is otherwise engaged.
He is, in fact, under a self-imposed house arrest.
It seems he has rashly agreed to give a telephone interview tomorrow to some radio station in America.  This involves him being able to answer the telephone in a reasonably lucid and non-groggy manner at some unearthly hour like 4 in the morning.
However, it is not just the earliness of his start tomorrow that is restraining him from his typical Friday night out.
No.  He doesn't have a landline telephone in his apartment.  (Don't ask me why not.  This is unclear.  They cost next-to-nothing out here, but it seems his landlord didn't want to provide one...)  So, the only place he can be available to take the call is..... at his office in the State Propaganda Factory.
Since the office is closed over the weekend, he felt he wouldn't be able to blag his way past the gate guards in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning.  However, he is reasonably confident that they won't actually do anything to flush people out of the office (we shall see about that!), so.... he's having a sleepover.  Yep, he's camping out at the office all night, and hoping to grab a few hours sleep in a comfy chair.
Good luck, Doctor!
(Of course, if the silly bugger had thought to ask me, he could have crashed in my spare room, slept on a proper bed, woken up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to wow a listening audience of dozens in the Mid-West.... but no.  He would do things his way.  He would have his little adventure.)

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