Friday, January 22, 2010

HBH 166

Evenings have their arc,
From high to low, low to high.
Kittens are a high.

Last night got off to a wretched start for me - a deadly dull networker (why do I bother?), the speaker meeting I wanted to attend afterwards being oversubscribed, the Sanlitun rendezvous I'd been aiming for cancelled, Manhattan in a curmudgeonly stay-at-home mood.... even the normally reliable Den burger was a bit old and dry. There I was, at 7pm, marooned in the hated bar district, having already blown a shitload of money on nothing, alone - and starting to feel very depressed.

But if you finish up the evening at Amilal with 'Scamp' and 'Tramp', things always seem OK.

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