Thursday, January 21, 2010

Triple whammy

New Aussie-owned pizza joint MaoMaoChong (off Jiaodaokou Nandajie, on the Banchang Hutong just before the Lusongyuan Hotel) is to have an official launch party from 8pm this Friday.

The new-look 12 Square Metres should be re-opening that night as well (subject to the smell of varnish having dissipated sufficiently, and JK the boss being able to keep on top of the wretched chesty cough we've all been suffering all week).

And Yann Gaulthier, the crazy Frenchman who gave us Café de la Poste and Salud, is leaving at the end of the month (to take on a new project in the Philippines) and so will be having a farewell thrash on Friday (probably the first of several; or one week-long one, if I know Yann).

It's going to be a busy night.....

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