Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Perversity (1)

A rather beautiful woman, a very beautiful woman, a woman on whom I have been trying (and failing) not to develop a crush for the past month or so, unexpectedly - quite out of the blue and at ridiculously short notice - invited me round for dinner at her place on New Year's Eve.

I declined the offer, as politely as I could. I have been semi-regretting* the decision ever since.

Now I discover she's leaving Beijing shortly, and I'll probably never see her again. Rats!

Such is life.

* Not completely regretting it because.... well, I was feeling too wretchedly depressed that night to believe that I could be tolerable company for anyone but the long-suffering Dr Manhattan; an intimate dinner party ("a small group of friends", none of whom I'd know!) in someone's house doesn't really work as a 'first date'; frankly, I thought she was a bit bonkers even to be making such a bizarre suggestion (ah, mental instability - so often a component of the personalities that attract me!); and - as it happens - I ended up having a pretty damn good New Year's Eve, anyway. But I fear this spurned invitation will always be one of my most haunting what if's....

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