Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The passing of Dr Manhattan

He was known by many names. At first he was The Mouthpiece of Evil. Then he became Dr Manhattan. He was also Mike or Big Mike or Mikey Mike or, most recently, The Mike (yes, his latest running joke has been to start referring to himself habitually in the third person, and preceded always by the definite article).

For the past 9 or 10 months he has been my boon companion, my principal partner in drunkenness and gluttony; but - right about now - his plane should be taking off towards the North Pole. It wasn't quite such a joined-at-the-hip state of affairs as my relationship with Crazy Chris had become a couple of years ago, but we had been hanging out a lot. I shall miss the old bugger.

Safe trip home, Mikey!


The British Cowboy said...

I assume you realize he has to be played by Jon Favreau in the movie of your life...

Froog said...

He was lobbying for Jeremy Piven, but I think Favreau is a better lookalike.

I never did one for Crazy Chris, but I'm thinking maybe Eric Stoltz - if he'd wear very long hair and an unkempt beard.