Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I went over to The Village in Sanlitun yesterday to check out the "all-day happy hour" they've started running at the Union Bar & Grille on Tuesdays. I'd heard a rumour that it was a March-only promotion, but it seems in fact it will be an ongoing thing. That's almost too much happiness.

I had been thinking of heading over there as soon as I got out of my teaching job at lunchtime and making an all-day session of it. However, that plan was kiboshed by rain, a guilt-trip over some unfinished editing, and a hole in my wallet caused by an employer's omitting to pay me. Maybe another time. I did make it there by about 5pm, but the place was dead, and I couldn't rally any of my 'usual suspects'. (I have very mixed feelings about Union: good vibe, good service, but so-so food and stupid-expensive. Perhaps I'll write a fuller review after one or two more visits.)

Early evening, JK started to succumb to 'cabin fever' at the deserted 12 Square Metres and rashly declared a "two-for-one all night on everything (including the top shelf!)" offer to try to lure some punters out on a drab and drizzly Tuesday. Alas, I wasn't able to get there until 9.30, and was already a bit too drunk to take full advantage of the opportunity - although I did enjoy very large snifters of Connemara and Talisker at this too-good-to-refuse special price.

And then tomorrow Chad at Fubar is threatening to provide 1-kuai martinis from 7pm to 8pm as his new first-of-the-month gimmick (a genuine promotion - no April Fools Day bamboozling, he assures me). Well, originally it was advertised as a martini offer, but I think now he's switched it to mojitos. That could be a bit of a scrum! I'm not sure if I want to check it out or not: it might well end up like the less good kind of frat party.

There is, after all, such a thing as too much happiness...

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