Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The final word(?) on Madame X....

She's gone now - and with her going, a considerable weight is lifted from me (although the litter of three years' worth of regrets, resentments, and recriminations is not going to be swept out of my heart overnight...).

I endeavoured to arrange a brief 'farewell' meeting with my fateful Madame X - lunch, a drink, a walk in the park, dropping round for a cup of tea, whatever - and, as with 90% of the other times I'd tried to do something like this over the last few years, I encountered an icy shoulder: she told me that she didn't have even five minutes to spare me in her last two weeks here.

However, by way of token 'friendliness'/consolation/encouragement, she e-mailed me that we should catch up when she makes an already-planned return visit here..... next July.

My response: Wow, is that a raincheck? You don't usually give me those! But I don't think they're valid for more than a year...

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