Friday, May 28, 2010

HBH 184

French café music,
Background whisper of the rain:
Travelling back in time.

My jazzy friends the No Name Trio made a return to Jianghu last night. They had a Thursday night residency there throughout most of the first year-and-a-half or so that it was open, until they finally tired of playing for free. I had thought they'd been back for a number of one-off gigs there since, but they assure me that this is only their second return since September '08 (the first having been at the beginning of April last year). And this means, alas, that I am seeing them much more rarely, since I seldom manage to drag myself off to the obscurer or more far-flung venues they tend to play now.

The ambience in the little courtyard bar last night was quite magical, as we sheltered cosily from the light but insistent drizzle outside. And it conjured so many wonderful memories of the even better nights I shared with them there back in those early days. Ah, nostalgia.

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