Thursday, May 27, 2010


Did you notice what just happened there?

Over in the sidebar??

Yes, believe it or not, at some point yesterday evening Barstool Blues passed its 30,000th recorded visitor. (And we've already had another 60-odd in the 24 hours since...)

Not that this really means anything, of course. A couple of other traffic-monitoring tools I consult from time to time put my visitor numbers at nearly twice as many as dear old Sitemeter is prepared to acknowledge; but I don't think any of these services attempts to differentiate between people who stumble in here by accident or in pursuit of a Google search term and click through again in nano-seconds and those who actually hang around to read stuff. Moreover, I don't think any of them records feed-reader subscriptions, and I'm sure that's how most of my 'regulars' follow me.

So, it's not a milestone of any substantial significance. Except that it reassures me - just slightly - that people are wandering by here and having a look-see once in a while......

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