Thursday, May 06, 2010

We are becoming a double act

The Weeble (much to no-one's surprise) stood me up last night. During a busy exchange of text messages, the following ensued:

He: I can't drink too much tonight. I'm at least pretending to be responsible.

Me: Drinking is very responsible. I keep seeing ads telling me that I can 'Drink Responsibly'.

He: I always assumed that was a brand name.

Me: You think that would sell?

He: Oh, yes. I would drink Responsibly Vodka. There's far too much Imperfectly Whisky and Unreliably Gin around.

Me: True. I've been overindulging on the It's-So-Cheap-You-Won't-Care Rum.

[I am reconstructing that from memory. Forgive me, Weeble, if you feel you were far wittier and I am doing a disservice to your abilities. You're probably right.]


The Weeble said...

More or less accurate by my recollection. Sorry for relegating you to Lonely Margaritas and Irritable Rum.

Froog said...

I think The Lonely Margaritas would be a great band name.