Friday, June 18, 2010

A night off?

Football exhaustion is starting to set in after a week. And it's pretty hard to get excited about match-ups like Germany v Serbia (although it might be a fun way of getting drunk quickly in the early evening, if I start doing 'German shots' - since I anticipate another 4-0 or 5-0 thrashing) or USA v Slovenia (Yanks should take it 1-0 or 2-0, but this is an embarrasingly poor Group, and you can't really fancy anyone here to make much of an impression on the tournament).

I'm not even very motivated about trying to catch England v Algeria. I just haven't got the stamina for these dawn finishes any more. I'll try to catch a re-run tomorrow, and just keep my fingers crossed that CCTV5 offers some coherent coverage for once.

It will be nice to have one evening to do something a little different - a decent meal, perhaps, and then some music. I gather Blackwater (Black Cat Bone's Des McGarry and the No Name Trio playing traditional Irish songs) are on at neighbourhood gem Zui Yuefang tonight: that should be a fun gig.

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Froog said...

My prognostications are starting to look like a powerful jinx, aren't they?

Mind you, I don't think anyone could have predicted that Germany would have a player sent off (for nothing!!) inside the first 20 minutes, and then get rattled by a Serbian team who suddenly remembered that they can also play going forwards.

The Slovenia v USA game looks as though it might have been even better - a brave fight back by the US lads. They were showing the game on a projection screen behind the band at Zui Yuefang last night, but it seemed impolite to look at it while they were playing. However, I did keep tabs on the score, and scooted home early to catch the end of the second half. I might try and watch the full game in a re-run now.