Sunday, June 27, 2010

Return of the Revenge of the Son of.....

Last night I got home just after 10pm, only a few minutes after the start of the Uruguay v South Korea game in the first knockout round of this year's World Cup.... and settled down to watch on my bewitchingly comfy TV sofa.

Within seconds I had lapsed into unconsciousness - only awaking nearly 4 hours later (right in the middle of that huge and irksome gap between the 'early' and 'late' games).

I really ought to know better by now. Perhaps I should try sitting on a hard, upright chair when I'm watching football at home?

[Of course, it wasn't just the dreamy softness of the sofa that did for me. I had just been drinking for nearly 7 hours at a friend's barbecue. And I'd had a rather patchy and irregular 'night's sleep on Friday/Saturday, having staid up until nearly dawn to watch the Spain v Chile match.]

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