Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why women watch sport

It's purely for the ogling, I gather.

(I was going to say 'leching'; but I think only men can lech.)

Now, I know we chaps are often guilty of the same offence when it comes to ladies' tennis or beach volleyball, but.... really, gals, we do try to cultivate some appreciation of the sport as well, you know. With you, it seems as though your only criterion for pledging allegiance to one of the teams in the World Cup is The Shuai Ge Index - how fanciable you find them. That's so superficial, don't you think??

I was informed by one lady friend at the weekend that England had the advantage over Germany in handsomeness (somewhat surprisingly, I thought: some women, it seems, have a strange weakness for the rugged - not to say lumpy - features and fiery intensity of a John Terry.... in preference to the perfectly chiselled profile of a Miroslav Klose or Lukas Podolski), but still weren't going to attract much support from non-aligned female spectators because "Winning is hot." Yes indeed. Oh dear.

[I was amused - and oddly impressed - to hear Li Mei, our lady boss in 12 Square Metres, declare that the only one of the Germans she found attractive was their coach, Joachim Löw.]

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