Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrity stalker??

My pal Jeremiah (of Granite Studio history blogging notoriety) sent me a link the other day for An Open Letter To Men - a very entertaining little piece by the striking actress Christina Hendricks (who, I gather, has achieved mega-celebrity in the last few years through her role as the voluptuous office manager Joan Holloway in Mad Men; I still live in sorry ignorance of this series, though many of my male friends have raved to me about its wit and cleverness.... and the generously upholstered figure of Ms Hendricks).

J tauntingly points out that the lovely Christina claims to like Scotch (or rather, to like men who drink Scotch), loathes Facebook, and is a sucker for old school chivalry (I'm English: we invented it!). It does sound rather as though she's sending out a message to ME.

I had been under the impression that you were rather happily married; but if, for any reason (and god forbid), that doesn't work out, please do drop me a line, Christina. We seem to have a little bit of that 'soulmate' thing going on....

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