Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cruel Fate strikes again (triple whammy!!!)

Well, I finally got around to asking a woman out (sort of; I needed the help of an intermediary). And she said yes. I was very excited.

But then.... The Russian, who wasn't supposed to have been returning to Beijing for six months, turned up again after barely four weeks. I go for months, years at a time without being really interested in a woman (or having one reciprocate the interest, at any rate), and now, suddenly, I have A CHOICE??!! Cruel Fate, why do you mock me?

But then.... I was 'spared' from having to make such a difficult decision by the reoccurrence of a long-standing but long-dormant sciatic problem: I ricked my lower back on Monday morning (while bounding out of bed a little too enthusiastically - that's what 'a song in the heart' will do for you!), and have scarcely been able to hobble from one end of my apartment to the other since then. Cruel Fate,....

[And if there's one thing worse than suffering lower back spasms, it's suffering lower back spasms accompanied by a hacking cough. The atrocious air quality in Beijing over the last week has led to an unseasonal reappearance of the relentless tracheal itch we know as 'Beijing Throat' (usually a bane of the winter months). Sleep has been in short supply this week.]

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