Thursday, September 16, 2010

Damn, it's hard to make a date in this country

And not just an à deux-with-a-member-of-the-opposite sex kind of 'date' but, really, any kind of rendezvous with anyone for any purpose...

Amongst the numerous excuses I've had to suffer for declining invitations to go out with me in the last few weeks:

Having to work late - unexpectedly

Having to work tomorrow

Having to plan/pack for a trip tomorrow

Having to leave the country imminently to renew a visa

Being currently out of town on holiday or business
(Leather Britches, in particular, has been "in Guangzhou" so often lately that I begin to suspect he's just petulantly tit-for-tatting me for the occasions when I've unfortunately had to turn down his invitations to join him for a drink; he is a prickly fellow like that.)

Having a Chinese lesson

Having a martial arts lesson

Feelingly poorly/tired

Being too hungover from last night
(The Chairman's perennial excuse for spurning me these days; although The Weeble and The Choirboy have been known to invoke it rather often as well.)

Not being able to get a babysitter

And these are just the people that did reply.  A good number of the folks I tried to entice to join me in merriment just ignored me completely - perhaps assuming that their @froog Twitter messages had alerted me to the urgency of their unexpected work crisis or the sacred immoveability of their Chinese class.


el said...

Hey, I knew she had a martial arts class and I'm not even in Beijing. Are you sure you won't try Twitter? :)

Froog said...

That wasn't who I was thinking of.

SMS is at least as easy to use as Twitter, and is available to EVERYONE. Therefore, Twitter is redundant.

And its tendency to displace the use of SMS amongst the minority of people addicted to its use is really, really ANNOYING.