Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tonight's excuse

Well, you learn something new every day.

I've just discovered that today is the 200th anniversary of Mexico's declaration of independence from Spain.  I suppose that means I'll have to show solidarity by drinking tequila at some point tonight.  Oh dear.

A happy Independence Day to all my Mexican readers!

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Froog said...

Not such a crazy day.

I hear Luga was offering to give away 'free tequila' to anyone who 'looked Mexican', but that was a bit too far to go in the pouring rain on Thursday night - and I've been poisoned too often by his fake booze before. When Luga offers you free booze, you really need to check with your liver before taking him up on it.

I warmed up for the evening with a couple of tequila slammers with JK at 12 Square Metres, then moved on to (equally deserted) El Nido as a pit-stop on the way to a gig at VA Bar (got a half-litre can of Stella to take with me - a 'road beer' - for just 20 kuai!). Met up with Ruby at the show, and went down to check out the 'open mike' at Hot Cat afterwards: only one - fairly terrible - band there on this night, but the booze is agreeably cheap. After a while we wandered back to El Nido for a final nightcap.

A good evening - but not really very 'Mexican'. Next year I must lay plans for something more appropriate....